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Leading Expert in Metabolic, and Bariatric Surgery
Pioneer in Laparoscopic & Robotic Surgery with an impeccable track record of safety and success
Master Surgeon in Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery * Awarded by SRC *
Master Surgeon in Robotic Surgery * Awarded by SRC *
Surgeon of Excellence in Robotic Surgery

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Meet Dr. Arif Ahmad

Arif Ahmad MD, FRCS, FACS is one of the world's pioneer in robotic bariatric surgery. Dr. Ahmad has been invited internationally to make presentations on robotic surgery at the time of writing, he has the worlds largest experience in robotic bariatric surgery. He specializes in minimally invasive surgery. This cutting-edge surgery is done with small incisions and minimal pain and scarring.

Surgeon of Excellence in Robotic Surgery Surgeon of Excellence in Robotic Surgery
Surgeon of Excellence in Robotic Surgery
Leader "Leader in
Weight Loss" by
TIME Magazine
Top Surgeons Top Surgeons by
Pulse Magazine
Patient Reviews Patient Reviews Patient Reviews
  • Dr. Ahmad has changed my life in an amazing way. I had gastric bypass 6/7/2011 and have lost 125 lbs. in 18 months *. With the weight loss i found a 10 cm benign tumor in my breast and had a mascectomy and now I’m perfectly healthy. His staff is so kind and caring and will help you get over the mountains in your new journey in life. Dr. Ahmad is the god of bariatric surgery. I recommend him to EVERYONE with a weight problem looking to make a change in their life.
    * Results Vary Patient to Patient
    - Marette K

  • Dr. Ahmad and his team, performed the gastric bypass on me May 2011. The best decision I ever made. A side note, I had attended a few surgeons seminars and found Dr. Ahmad’s the most informative and was able to see his passion for the work. God bless his team and the work they do.
    * Results Vary Patient to Patient
    - Donna R.

  • After attending Doctor Ahmads weight loss seminar i knew i would like him to preform my Laproscopic gastric bypass surgery. I felt completely safe and Confident with doctor Ahmad. I had my Sugery on July 20, 2011 And I’m losing weight and feeling great.
    * Results Vary Patient to Patient
    - Colleen H *

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