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One of the latest advances in surgery is robotic assisted surgery. The robotic assistance allows surgeons to complete complex procedures utilizing tiny incisions and yet retaining superb dexterity due to advanced robotic instrumentation that allows better vision and precision. Robotic surgery has several advantages over traditional open surgery including a smaller incision that allows for a shorter healing time.

Dr. Ahmad has the largest experience in Robotic Bariatric surgery in Long Island and the 5 boroughs of New York.

Mather Hospital with Dr. Ahmad is the First Robotic Center of Excellence in New York State and is currently an Epicenter in Robotic Bariatric Surgery where Surgeons from all over the US come to learn Robotic Bariatric Surgery.

Dr. Ahmad has presented his techniques at Oxford and London. Currently, visitors from other parts of the United States as well as Europe visit Dr Ahmad to learn his techniques of robotic bariatric surgery.

Dr. Ahmad was awarded first place for his presentation for his technique of robotic sleeve gastrectomy at the International Federation of Surgery for Obesity (IFSO) at Lyon, France in May 2019.

Advantages of Robotic Assisted Bariatric Surgery over the Traditional Surgery

The robotic assistance, therefore, exhibits certain advantages and characteristics that prove an improvement over the traditional surgery.

Better Visualization of Critical Structures

The robotic platform allows for far better visualization of critical structures due to 3D visualization and magnification of the image. This enables the surgeon to have greater precision.


In the traditional open operation, a large incision is made to enable the surgeon to work with his hands . In advanced laparoscopic surgery , the surgeon makes smaller incisions but loses the ability to perform certain movements due to the restriction of articulation of the non wristed instrumentation.

In robotic assisted surgery, Dr. Ahmad controls the robotic arms which have 360 degrees of mobility in order to give you the benefits of more precise surgery while retaining the ability to work through tiny 8 millimeter incisions.

Learn more about Robotic-Assisted Bariatric Surgery today and be informed how this form of technology can transform your life. Contact Dr. Arif Ahmad, the most experienced robotic bariatric surgeon in Long Island, NY, to set a private appointment.

Robotic Sleeve Gastrectomy

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