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Dr. Ahmad has performed more than 3,000 robotic surgeries, including robotic gastric bypass, robotic sleeve gastrectomy, robotic hernia procedures, robotic anti-reflux procedures , robotic colon operations and robotic gallbladder surgery. He is recognized in Long Island as one of the most advanced robotic surgeons in the country. Dr. Ahmad founded and is the director of the Robotic and Bariatric Surgery Center of Excellence at Mather Northwell Hospital. This is the only intuitive certified epicenter in Long Island for robotic bariatric surgery as of June 2020.

Removal of the spleen may be indicated due to infection, cancer, inflammation or trauma. Laparoscopic/robotic splenectomy is a newer procedure to remove the spleen. Instead of using a long incision on the abdomen, a few small incisions are made. Through these incisions surgical equipment is passed through and with the help of video monitoring the surgeon is able to remove the spleen. Once the spleen has been removed and the surgeon has found no signs of continued bleeding, the instruments are removed and the incisions are closed. By doing this procedure laparoscopically/robotically the time spent in the hospital and the pain following the surgery is greatly reduced. In addition, the risk of getting an infection is reduced and the scars left behind from the surgery are small.

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