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What Happens After Gastric Bypass Surgery?
What Happens After Gastric Bypass Surgery?

Most obese patients think that gastric bypass surgery is a magic wand that can change their lives in a flick. Maybe you have heard it somewhere or you have seen someone who went under the knife and they totally changed! They lost so much weight in no time. You might be one of those skeptics who think they are sick. But, deep inside, you are wondering if it might also work on you. What if this is the solution you have been searching for your whole life!  

You might think gastric bypass surgery is the easiest way out of obesity, but we are here to debunk that idea. We hate to burst your bubble but Gastric Bypass Surgery is just a tool. Statistics show that after 2 years of surgery, patients normally lose 75 percent of their excess weight. Five years later 85 percent of patients are likely to regain half of the weight they lost and the other 15 percent have gained back their previous weight and even more.

So, gastric bypass surgery is not your surefire cure. You need to have a strong resolve before you schedule that surgery with your doctor. Part of your preparation is research and knowing what will your life be after gastric bypass surgery.

How Life Changes After Gastric Bypass Surgery

Life after gastric bypass surgery is not always what you expect. One patient bluntly confesses that “If you do no make drastic lifestyle changes, you will regain your weight back.” The changes she refers include changes in her diet, lifestyle, activities, relationships, emotion, and most importantly mindset.

Those who are “emotional eaters” have to find healthier ways to stop craving for food. One patient cried when she went back home and her husband cooked 6 plates of steak and told him, “How could you do this to me?” Patients experience distress and sometimes an extreme pain if they eat more than what their surgeons recommend.


However, along the way, you will realize that you are not actually torturing yourself by making these changes. What you are doing is helping yourself live life to the fullest by taking care of yourself the best way possible through self-control.

Is Gastric Bypass Worth it?

All weight loss surgeries both have its advantages and disadvantages. For some patients having a gastric bypass surgery is worth it. Those who are willing to make radical changes in their life think that it is an effective tool to lose weight. Studies show that those who had a gastric bypass surgery are most likely to avoid health problems related to obesity like diabetes, heart disease, hypertension and alike.


Doing your homework before a weight loss surgery is important, said Dr. Arif Ahmad. In this generation, it is no longer difficult to find someone who has had a weight loss surgery. You can spend time and talk with them to know their experiences.

Dr. Arif Ahmad spends ample of time with his patients to prepare them before the surgery. He will sit down with you and talk about the best bariatric surgery for you. He and his reliable bariatric team will guide you all throughout the process from evaluation to post-op. He also specializes in the most advanced minimally invasive weight loss surgery.

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