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Benefits of Hiatal Hernia Repair
Benefits of Hiatal Hernia Repair

A hiatal hernia occurs when a portion of your stomach pushes through the opening of the diaphragm into the chest. This causes stomach acid to reflux into the esophagus which can lead to some uncomfortable gastrointestinal symptoms. Some hiatal hernias are mild and can be managed with lifestyle changes and medication. However, if these treatments have not provided you relief, you may require surgery.

People with large hiatal hernias typically experience unpleasant, persistent symptoms. These symptoms may include chronic heartburn, acid reflux, bloating, vomiting, chest and abdominal pain, difficulty swallowing, frequent belching, hiccups, coughing, weight loss, bleeding, and even a strangulated hernia. During surgery, the stomach is placed back in the correct position and the diaphragm opening is made smaller. Other adjustments can be made depending on your case. The goal is to prevent stomach acid and food from entering the esophagus which minimizes or eliminates symptoms.

Hiatal hernia repair can provide the following benefits:

  • Relief from heartburn and acid reflux
  • mproved ability to swallow
  • ecreased chance of esophageal cancer
  • ormal bodily functions such as belching, hiccups, and coughing
  • o pain when eating
  • bility to enjoy meals
  • mproved quality of life
  • n severe cases, hernia repair can be a life-saving measure.

If you are experiencing ongoing symptoms and lifestyle changes and medications have failed to give you relief, you may be a great candidate for hiatal hernia repair. Call and schedule a consultation with Dr. Ahmad today!

Dr. Arif Ahmad specializes in laparoscopic robotic surgery and has performed over 2,000 laparoscopic robotic surgeries. He is renowned in the Long Island area for his impeccable track record of safety and success.