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What is Gastric Bypass Surgery? — Uncovering its True Meaning
What is Gastric Bypass Surgery? — Uncovering its True Meaning

Obesity is a major problem around the globe. It affects millions of people in different countries and can result to other life-threatening diseases including diabetes, heart problems, or worst- cancer. Due to this, many weight-loss procedures have come into existence.

Gastric Bypass Surgery is one of the most effective medical procedures that helps patients to lose weight by simply changing how their stomach and small intestine handle the food that they eat. In other words, it re-routes the intestines and makes their stomach smaller.

As a result, patients who undergo the surgery will feel full sooner when eating food which can result to weight loss of up to 65% of their excess weight in just one year. Furthermore, the procedure can also cure or improve diabetes, sleep apnea, hypertension and at least 12 other medical conditions.

Important Tips to Consider Before Undergoing a Gastric Bypass Surgery

Before braving this delicate surgery, it is only proper that you are aware of the important things to consider. Certain pre-operation drills will help condition not only your body, but your mind as well. By following these tips, your chances of having a successful operation is greatly increased.

Giving Proper Exercise a Try

How serious are you in losing weight? Try working out in a gym or even at home. A couple of mountain climbing, crunches and squats might actually do the trick and save you thousands of dollars. It is proven that exercising is one of the best ways to lose weight and also gives you powerful health benefits. It can lower the risk of you having heart disease, diabetes, osteoporosis and some cancers.

Not only will it give you physical health benefits, it will also be incredibly good for your mental health. The more you keep yourself active, the more it will give you the bandwidth to handle stress and so at the same time, unwind. If you can have someone or a group of friends to be with you while exercising, it will also be a great idea!

Not doing it alone especially if you know that you don’t have a strong will to go through with it all the way is a considered a smart move. Involve good friends along your journey- in this way, not only that they are helping you but also, it paves a way to create a strong bond in your friendship by just being together and having fun.

Researching everything that you need to know about the whole process

Well-educated patients will more likely to be successful over the long term. In any type of operation a patient will go through, it is always advantageous that he knows the different impacts it may have into his life- both before and after the surgery. Here is the list that you can consider to check out:

  1. How the gastric bypass surgery works
  2. Its health benefits
  3. Pre-surgery qualification
  4. Operation cost
  5. Recovery time-span
  6. Diet and life after surgery
  7. Its downsides
  8. Best hospital to do the surgery in
  9. Best doctor to conduct the surgery
  10. Is the surgery covered by my insurance
  11. See and check patients’ testimonials after they had the same surgery

After thoroughly checking all the information, step back, think twice and re-evaluate if you really want to proceed with the operation. In addition, consult  medical professionals to better educate you regarding these matters.

Have a strong support system-

It is best to consider to have a backbone especially after going through a surgery. Aside from the medical professionals that will help and guide you in the medical aspects of your operation and condition, nothing beats in having your family with you to also guide and assist you all throughout the way especially when you are recovering after the operation. Your family can also help you gain emotional strength. However, if they are not available for some reasons, try to hire a caregiver that can surely attend to your needs until such time that you can do things yourself.  So make sure that they also know the pros and cons of you going through the surgery, so they can ready themselves and also help you to decide whether or not to go and proceed with it.

Ask yourself,” Am I mentally and emotionally ready?”

Make a personal assessment and evaluate your mental and emotional state. ‘Are you ready?’ This is the question you may need to ask yourself as well prior to visiting your doctor. And after knowing all the pros and cons of the surgery, try to imagine what the future life condition may give and ask yourself- “Can I handle it?” If you can’t properly evaluate yourself, seek for a psychologist to assess you just so you can be sure that there is no contraindication to proceed with the operation. You can also set an appointment with a therapist to help you out with your emotional state all throughout the process.

Gastric Bypass Surgery, Yay or Nay

While we can say a tons of good benefits in undergoing a gastric bypass surgery, any change in our body may still result into some downsides. Going through this kind of procedure may result to nutritional deficiency, ulcer, gallstone, digestive issues, dental problems, sagging of skin and for others, weight regain. In line with this, doctors advise that after taking the surgery, patients shall have restricted diet with life-long supplementation; regular exercise is also recommended after full recovery.

Nutritional deficiency may be the highest priority your doctor may ask you to look into to halt the possibility of having other side effects. The reason is because you will not absorb certain vitamins and minerals in the same way after your operation. You will need to strictly follow your doctor’s advice in taking food supplement to watch over your health- and this is for a lifetime.

This procedure is also irreversible so again, make sure that you know all the pros and cons of the surgery before getting into it. It is always advisable to consult medical professionals to help you decide which medical procedure or program best suits you to lose weight.

Most of all, keep yourself healthy and fit just so you don’t need to consider going through any sort of operation like this one. Discipline yourself from the food you eat to the daily activity you involve yourself in. Little by little, your life’s decision will either break you or make you- so be wise.

Finding the Best Weight Loss Surgery

Here in Long Island, NY, there is one trusted weight loss surgeon who has changed the lives of obese patients through successful weight loss surgery. Dr. Arif Ahmad, recognized as one of the top surgeons in America, has dedicated his career to transforming patients’ lives by providing the best weight loss surgery and advanced surgical procedures. His expertise and experience in this field have improved many lives and he continues to provide safety and success in all surgeries he performs.

His team of medical doctors and staff are on hand to guide patients all throughout the weight loss surgery process. Before performing any surgical procedures, Dr. Arif Ahmad will sit with you to discuss your condition and provide all necessary information about the best procedure that is suitable for you. Complete evaluation and pre-surgery tests will be conducted to ensure that your body is ready for the surgery.

While there are a number of certified weight loss surgeons in Long Island, NY, you must keep in mind that not all can perform the different procedures. Dr. Arif Ahmad specializes in minimally invasive surgery, a cutting edge surgical procedure done with small incisions, resulting in minimal pain, less scarring, and faster recovery. This type of surgery will help you go back to your normal routine and work in a very short span of time.

To have a better understanding of what procedure is best for you and how weight loss surgery can save you thousands of dollars in the long run, contact us today to book an appointment