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Robotic Surgery at the Forefront in the Fight against Obesity
Robotic Surgery at the Forefront in the Fight against Obesity

Obese individuals can sometimes find it very difficult to lose weight through diet and exercise alone. This could be due to problems like arthritis that make it difficult to exercise, eating disorders, or metabolic abnormalities. Robotic surgery is the cutting-edge technology that helps people achieve safe and weight loss when other methods prove to be ineffective. Here’s why robotic surgery is at the forefront in the fight against obesity.

Dr. Ahmad uses the most advanced surgical platform in the world when performing robotic surgery – the da Vinci robot. It should be noted that the robot does not move by itself. At every moment during the surgery, the robotic arms are controlled by the surgeon. The advantage is the robotic arms have a greater degree of stability and flexibility when compared to the surgeon’s hand.

Robotic surgery offers high precision which is beyond what can be achieved with standard laparoscopic instruments as well as a very clear visualization of the surgical site with 3D images. The benefits for the patients include:

  • Small surgical incisions
  • Reduced trauma
  • Lower risk of gastrointestinal leaks
  • Less scar tissue formation
  • Less pain
  • Shorter hospital stay
  • Faster recovery
  • Quicker return to routine activities
  • Less risk of complications

You may be a candidate for robotic assisted weight loss surgery if you have a body mass index (BMI) of 40; or a BMI of 35 with other medical comorbidities like hypertension and diabetes. Many patients report significant improvement in their comorbidities after surgery. Book an appointment with us to discuss your weight loss treatment options.

Dr. Arif Ahmad specializes in the laparoscopic gastric bypass, lap band and sleeve gastrectomy. He is renowned in the Long Island area for his impeccable track record of safety and success. Dr Ahmad conducts patient education sessions every two weeks at Mather Hospital in Port Jefferson and in varying locations across Suffolk County. Please call 631-689-0220 if you wish to register or have other questions.