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How much weight can I lose from Gastric Sleeve Surgery?
How much weight can I lose from Gastric Sleeve Surgery?

Gastric sleeve surgery is one of the top procedures performed to morbidly obese patients to lose weight and improve their health. Before undergoing operation, most patients would consult their chosen surgeon or consult online sources, and all of them, one way or another, would ask what numbers would they expect after the surgery.  

Yes to lose weight is why gastric sleeve surgery is performed, but knowing what to realistically expect after the surgery will help you attain the best result. In gastric sleeve surgery, the amount and rate of weight loss are determined by two factors. First, the dedication of the patient to maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle and second, the adeptness and technique of the surgeon.    

Average Weight Loss with Gastric Sleeve Surgery

According to Stegemann, 2012, gastric sleeve surgery patients will lose an average weight of 60 percent, especially when they do their best to change your habits and live a healthier life by following the exercises and diet plan of your surgeon.

Before we make the calculations, consider the following list below; this will serve as your guide. We will base our calculations on your Body’s Mass Index, ideal weight, time duration and the percentage an average person loses after a gastric sleeve surgery which is 60 percent.

  • 1. Your desirable weight
    This is how you can calculate your ideal BMI. First, divide your weight (kilograms) by your height (meters), and then divide your answer by your height.
    Current weight/height (m) = answer/height (m) = BMI
  • 2. Calculate your excess fats
    To calculate your excess weight, you have to subtract your current weight with your ideal weight to know how much you need to lose.
  • 3. Calculate your expected weight loss
    To know your expected weight loss, multiply your excess weight by 60.
  • 4. Calculate your weight after the surgery
    To have an idea what will be your new weight after the surgery, subtract your current weight with your expected weight loss.

What you should take into account

Take note that the calculated weight you expected after the operation is only the average. Your actual weight loss can be less or more depending on how dedicated and responsible you are of your health.

Are you dedicated enough? Are you religiously following your diet? Are you regularly exercising? There are myriad of variables that can affect your weight loss, but most of them you can control. It is your body so it depends on how you discipline yourself. Your goal is not just to lose weight but also to better your overall health.

Looking for the best surgeon?

Statistics show that the best surgeon can eliminate up to 78 percent of body fats while the worst surgeon can only help patients to lose 48 percent. This goes to show how vital it is to look for the best surgeon to get optimal results.

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