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How do I prepare myself for a lap-band surgery?
How do I prepare myself for a lap-band surgery?

Laparoscopic adjustable gastric banding, widely known lap-band surgery, is a bariatric surgery that uses an adjustable silicone band that is placed on the stomach to restrict the quantity of food the stomach can hold. This is an effective procedure for those who are having a hard time losing weight on their own. Currently, this is the second most popular weight loss surgery in the United States. However, before one can decide to undergo lap-band surgery, a consultation must be done with a certified bariatric surgeon to ensure that the patient is qualified for surgery. Moreover, a qualified candidate needs to prepare mentally, emotionally, and physically prior to the schedule of surgery.  

Here are the following things you need to prepare before your lap-band surgery:

  • Be physically prepared.
    As with any major surgery, you need to be prepared mentally for it. This is even more important for a Lap-band surgery because you will need to change your diet and lifestyle prior to your procedure.

    If you have decided to have a lap-band surgery you can read books, view websites, attend support groups, and talk with others who have had a weight loss surgery so you will be informed about the risks and lifestyle changes.

    It is critical that you approach these upcoming changes in your life with an optimistic attitude. For instance, instead of thinking endlessly of the chocolates you feel deprived of, think about the lifetime opportunities you will experience after your weight loss. The most important thing is to remember that you are not alone in your weight loss journey, and you are making the necessary changes to improve your quality of life.

  • Be emotionally prepared by establishing a strong support group.
  • Prepare for a post-surgery care in your home: According to the  National Institutes of Health (NIH), making your home ready in advance after you return from a lap-band surgery can help reduce your anxiety. It is easier for you to function at home after surgery if you already prepared for your new diet, wound care, activity, and medication.
  • Consult with a counselor before and after surgery: Some insurance companies and surgeons require patients to pass a psychological evaluation before the surgery, and we highly encourage you to continue counseling after your lap-band surgery.
  • Have a word with your family and friends: According to the NIH, orienting your loved ones about the things they can expect physically and emotionally after surgery can reduce stress on your relationships. A network of family and friends who are behind your back through the process offers another layer of support for you.
  • Mentally prepare for a lap-band surgery.
    If you are not doing any exercise, you can start small by creating a consistent activity plan that fits your preference and ability— short walks, gardening, any physical activity can make a huge difference. You should find an activity that you enjoy doing and focus on the frequency than the intensity. Your lap-band surgeon will give you guidelines on the food you need to eat post-surgery to avoid complications. Try to incorporate these healthy habits into your daily routine now to pave the way for the changes in your life. Even scheduling to your personal hair stylist for a new haircut can help you prepare for the new you!


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