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How can the Best Weight Loss Surgery in New York Help Resolve The Recurring Problem on Obesity?
How can the Best Weight Loss Surgery in New York Help Resolve The Recurring Problem on Obesity?

According to the NYC Health, obesity is has become an epidemic in New York. More than 34% of New Yorkers are overweight and 22% are obese.

Obesity is a very serious disease. Its symptoms build up slowly over a period of time. Morbid or severe obesity is defined by the National Institutes of Health as a condition of being 100 pounds or more above your ideal body weight. It also means having a Body Mass Index of 40 or greater.

Morbid obesity interferes with basic physical functions. People with morbid obesity find it difficult to breath, walk or do normal everyday tasks. The long-term effects of this disease includes among others, a shorter life span and serious health problems. Obese individuals tend to suffer hypertension, type 2 diabetes and serious heart diseases.

Obese individuals face various social and psychological problems. They become embarrassed when people stare at them when they get in and out of the car. They tend to think that they are laughed at when they are walking on the street or doing some shopping in the mall. Some might think it’s all superficial, but problems with physical appearance really do exist.

Why is it Important to Rid Yourself of Obesity

In most cases, doing exercise and observing proper weight loss diet is just not enough to completely resolve obesity. One might observe success in the first few months of doing this. However, the body of a person who is naturally inclined to gain weight faster than expected will soon bulk up again just by missing out on a few gym sessions or having eaten too much for a day.

When this happens, obese people tend to lose faith in themselves and start to think that their situation is hopeless. This is exactly where the wonders of the best weight loss surgery has an important role to play.

Weight Loss Surgery is the Best and Most Popular Option Today

Dr. Ellito Fegelman, medical director of Ethicon, a company that designs and manufactures medical devices, says: “Weight loss surgery and control of associated diseases, has been shown to be the most effective option available for patients suffering from obesity and related diseases.”

The Medical News Today also reported on a study published in the BMJ, suggesting that “weight loss surgery is significantly more effective, compared with non-surgical methods.”

Why is Weight Loss Surgery so Effective

Weight loss surgery, also known as bariatric surgery, is a procedure that can cause weight loss by limiting the stomach’s capacity to hold food. This in turn will cause malabsorption of nutrients, thus a healthier weight is attained.

Most weight loss surgeons perform the procedure using minimally invasive techniques known as laparoscopic surgery.

The best weight loss surgery procedures include sleeve gastrectomy, gastric bypass, biliopancreatic diversion with duodenal switch and adjustable gastric band.

Weight loss surgeons recommend that weight loss surgery should be considered as a last resort when attempts to lose weight have failed. It is also advisable for those who are suffering from serious health problems that are related to their obesity. These are individuals suffering from type 2 diabetes and sleep apnea.

But it is equally important to know that while weight loss surgery can help you bring your weight down to a healthier level, you must have the motivation yourself to lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle. You need to follow doctor’s advice on the kind of food that you should eat and what exercise to perform to maintain your healthy weight.

It is also important to be aware that there is no surgical procedure that is without potential side effects. That is why you should talk to a weight loss surgeon before making a decision to undergo bariatric surgery.

What is the Best Weight Loss Surgery

If you ask the weight loss surgeons in Long Island, NY what is the best weight loss surgery, their answer would be the same – it depends on the patient. The question to be asked should be – “What is the best weight loss surgery for me?”

Specialists and surgeons are one in saying that each and every weight loss surgery procedure being done today are effective when they are performed:

  • by a competent and experienced weight loss surgeon
  • in a center that has an aftercare program focused on dietary, behavioral and exercise changes.
  • on a patient who is willing to cooperate with the aftercare program

No matter what weight loss procedure you choose, in consultation with a weight loss surgeon in Long Island, NY, will be the best weight loss surgery for you. What is important is for you to use your bariatric surgery to change your lifestyle.

All available weight loss surgery is a tool to help you control your hunger and amount of food intake. That is all it can do. The rest is up to you, whether to follow the doctor’s advice and aftercare program.

Weight Loss Surgery Options

Today, obese patients have several weight loss surgery options to choose from. As technology evolves and develops, weight loss surgery choices are also changing, as more and more patients are choosing for a less extensive and non-invasive procedures.

These are your options but it is recommended that your weight loss surgeon help you make your choice.

  • Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass – This more commonly called gastric bypass. It is considered as the “gold standard” of bariatric surgery. Your stomach is divided into two sections. The smaller section of the stomach becomes a small pouch to which the small intestine is connected. It is now your new stomach. It reduces the amount of food you consume. You feel full at once
  • Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy – It is often called the sleeve. The procedure involves removing about 80 percent of your stomach. The remaining stomach, which resembles a banana, reduces the volume of your food intake. The greater impact of the surgery includes reduced hunger, fast satiety and higher blood sugar control. Studies will also show that it is effective in improving Type 2 diabetes, as well as significant weight loss.
  • Adjustable Gastric Band – It is also known as “The Band.” The procedure involves an inflatable band that is placed around the upper portion of your stomach. This creates a small stomach pouch above the band, but does not divide the stomach. With a smaller pouch, your hunger is easily satisfied and you feel full at once. Food will still flow to the lower portion of your stomach, below the band and through the whole digestive system as it normally does before the surgery. The band only limits food intake resulting in loss of weight.
  • Biliopancreatic Diversion with a Duodenal Switch – This type of weight loss surgery is not commonly used by patients. But it can produce very significant weight loss results. Using a duodenal switch procedure, the weight loss surgeon removes a large part of the stomach. Then he connects the new smaller stomach to the last portion of the small intestine. Roughly three-fourths of your small intestine is bypassed by the food stream. This will also help reduce the amount of food and nutrients that are absorbed into the body.

Always Consult with a Weight Loss Surgeon

As we said earlier, no surgical procedure is without risk. Always consult the best weight loss surgeon you can find. The surgeon will take into consideration all the factors when making a decision to find the best loss weight surgery that works for you. He needs to study your medical records, your weight loss history, your weight loss goals and what support you can expect at home after surgery. The procedure involves a huge change in your lifestyle and you need all available support to make the change successful.

Dr. Arif Ahmad: The Best Weight Loss Surgeon in Long Island, New York

If you have morbid obesity problems and all your efforts to lose weight have been unsuccessful, give Dr. Arif Ahmad a visit. He has been tested and proven to be of great help when it comes to weight loss problems.

Dr. Ahmad is the innovator of the best weight loss surgery procedure in Long Island, NY. He and his staff have a significant number of successful weight loss surgical procedures under their belt. For more information about Dr. Ahmad’s best weight loss surgical procedures or to schedule a consultation, contact his office today and set an appointment.