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5 Myths about Weight Loss Surgery
5 Myths about Weight Loss Surgery

5 Myths about Weight Loss SurgeryWeight loss surgery is an incredible option for many people who have dedicated time and energy to diets for years without success. Weight loss surgery myths often distract and mislead those considering the surgery. If getting healthier this coming new year is your goal, let's look at the five most common myths about weight losssurgery and debunk them.

Myth # 1 Weight loss surgery is for people who don't want to do the hard work of diet and exercise. This myth is not true. The average patient who undergoes bariatric surgery has typically tried over twenty different diets and exercise programs before pursuing surgery.

Myth # 2 Weight loss surgery can increase your risk of future health problems. This myth is false. While bariatric surgery does take a commitment to nutrition, the risk of health problems and chronic disease lowers. Diseases like diabetes, heart disease, and asthma all improve post-surgery.

Myth # 3 Insurance doesn't cover weight loss surgery. The American Medical Association recognizes obesity as an official disease. Review your insurance policy, many bariatric surgeries are now covered with proper medical records and testing.

Myth # 4 Bariatric surgery is extremely dangerous. False! Surgeries come with an associated risk, but with laparoscopic surgery options, those risks decrease drastically. Bariatric weight loss surgery lowers your risk of life-threatening conditions related to obesity.

Myth # 5 You will gain weight back post-surgery. This myth is mostly false. Roughly 70% of bariatric weight loss surgeries maintain their post-surgical weight loss. Permanent success with weight loss surgery comes from a commitment to eating healthy and being active.

Bariatric operations have been refined over many decades and are among the best-studied treatments in modern medicine. These advancements allow patients to have better success with less pain, fewer complications, shorter hospital stays, and a faster recovery.

Dr. Arif Ahmad is an expert that will help you determine which weight loss surgery is best for you—and navigate any insurance red tape and lifestyle changes necessary to qualify for and complete your surgery successfully.

Dr. Arif Ahmad specializes in laparoscopic robotic surgery and has performed over 2,000 laparoscopic robotic surgeries. He is renowned in the Long Island area for his impeccable track record of safety and success.