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Adolescent Bariatric Program

Adolescent Obesity Epidemic

Weight Gain CycleObesity affects approximately 4.4 million children in the United States, with very few treatment options available, this obesity epidemic continues to rise.

Bariatric surgery is shown to be an effective tool in the treatment and further prevention of childhood obesity. More bariatric procedures are being performed annually on adolescent patients throughout the United States. The New England Journal of Medicine released a case study showing that in 2003 there were approximately 800 bariatric procedures performed, in 2009 this number doubled to over 1600 procedures being performed annually.

Choosing the Right Program

When choosing the right program, there are many questions to consider-

  • What is the skill and experience of the surgeon, in particular the experience of performing these bariatric procedures on adolescent patients.
  • Is the surgeon affiliated with a Bariatric Center of Excellence, or is the Surgeon identified as a Surgeon of Excellence, from a respected source?
  • What is the track record and success rate of the surgeon?

Our adolescent program, for bariatric surgery, has been running since 2013 and we have helped several young patients achieve their weight loss goals. Dr. Arif Ahmad and his surgical associates are skilled in the surgical treatment of morbid obesity and annually perform hundreds of bariatric surgical procedures.

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