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Robotic Gallbladder Surgery

Most times the best treatment option for patients with gallbladder diseases is to undergo a cholecystectomy, which is the removal of the gallbladder. The gallbladder surgery can be done using the open surgery, conventional laparoscopy, or through the robotic gallbladder surgery better known as the da Vinci surgery.


The robotic gallbladder surgery was introduced to minimize the shortcomings of the laparoscopy and the open surgery methods. The limitation of the laparoscopy method is that it has a restricted range during surgery. In the case of the open operation, a large incision is required. There is always a possibility of sizeable scarring. Moreover, patients take a long time to recover. With the robotic gallbladder surgery, it only needs four incisions that are approximately an inch long. The scar is almost unnoticeable, and the patients resume their activities after a short time.

When is Robotic Gallbladder Surgery Needed?

The gallbladder is a small organ that is found underneath the liver. Its primary function is storage of the bile juice. The bile is responsible for the breakdown and the absorption of the fats.

The gallbladder is not always efficient. Sometimes, the bile can be thick which can lead to blockages of the vessels found in the organ. Additionally, some people are vulnerable to gallstone disease which is also known as the cholelithiasis. These are hard substances that tend to get caught inside the biliary ducts. Scientifically, the gallstones come about through the combining of bile salts and dead blood cells (bilirubin).Gallstones can be grain size or as large as a tennis ball. In the long run, gallstones can cause acute or chronic inflammation of the gallbladder. They can also cause vomiting, bloating, nausea, jaundice (yellowing of the skin), and severe pain.

For patients that are in such a condition, the best approach is to get a robotic gallbladder surgery from a renowned robotic gallbladder surgeon such as Dr. Arif Ahmad. In severe cases, patients tend to develop the acute cholecystitis, which is the thickening of the gallbladder walls. The gallbladder tends to have a porcelain look and it enlarges. This situation may lead to the need for a robotic gallbladder surgeon.

Typically, patients in the Intensive Care Unit who are suffering from acute acalculous do not respond to the intensive antibiotics. In such a scenario, it is essential for the patient to get a robotic gallbladder surgeon immediately since they are at risk of tear of the gallbladder.

Risk Factors for Gallbladder Disorders

It is crucial to understand that some risk factors can bring about gallbladder diseases which may necessitate the need for removal of the organ using the robotic gallbladder surgery. Here is a list of people that are at risk of gallbladder diseases;

  • Pregnant women
  • Women above the age of 40
  • Overweight women
  • People in their late stages of HIV and diabetes
  • Patients with Total Parenteral Nutrition (TPN)

When diagnosed with gallbladder diseases, there is need to seek a robotic gallbladder surgeon. Here in Long Island, NY, you can only trust one of the top surgeons in America, Dr. Arif Ahmad.

Symptoms of Gallbladder Disease

There are usual signs and symptoms that can tell when one has gallbladder disease. They include the following:

  • Sharp pain due to inflammation of the gallbladder
  • Broken pain on the right side, which usually comes after eating
  • Indigestion and vomiting
  • Yellowing of the skin due to blockage of the biliary ducts

However, some patients with gallbladder disease have been reported to have no discomfort. It is essential to get a checkup from your physician who can rule out whether or you require robotic gallbladder surgery. Dr. Arif Ahmad and his team have years of experience in the robotic gallbladder surgery, and they perform the operation using the latest equipment: the da Vinci Xi system.

Diagnosis and Treatment

Most of the patients that have been diagnosed with cholecystitis, acalculous cholecystitis, and the cholelithiasis have to get treatment using IV antibiotics. Most times, the IV antibiotics are unsuccessful. Most of these patients are almost on the verge of giving up when they visit the best robotic gallbladder surgeon. This surgeon commences with requesting for blood tests, sonograms, CT scans, among other tests.

The surgeon may decide that the only option is for the patients to get a surgery. Dr. Arif Ahmad is an experienced robotic gallbladder surgeon that schedules a robotic gallbladder surgery for his patients whereby the gallbladder is removed using a single incision.

Types of Gallbladder Surgery Methods

As mentioned earlier, there are three cholecystectomy methods.

The open surgery method involves a single opening that is approximately four to seven inches. In this technique, the surgeon removes the gallbladder through the cut. Surgeons recommend this method to patients that cannot undergo the laparoscopic surgery due to complications.

The laparoscopic surgery entails three to four small cuts, and the use of thin tubes known as the laparoscope. The machine has tiny video cameras and surgical tools. In this method, the surgeon does the surgery while looking at the TV monitor.

The Robotic Gallbladder Surgery

This surgery is the latest model that is also called the da Vinci surgery.  Here, the best robotic gallbladder surgeon uses four cuts that are half an inch long. Gas has to be filled in the abdomen of a patient to facilitate an apparent contact with the gallbladder. The surgical tools are robotic such that they have a camera that provides excellent images, and there are unique tools that enable the accurate removal of the gallbladder. This method is reliable since it rarely results in post-surgery effects.

It is vital for a patient that requires a gallbladder surgery to choose the best surgeon.  For patients in Long Island, NY, they should consider consulting Dr. Arif Ahmad. He is ready to discuss the robotic gallbladder surgery, and he understands the medical care that every patient needs.

In a situation that a patient is wondering whether to go for the robotic gallbladder surgery or the open surgery, he should be aware that this procedure has several advantages such as:

  • Recovery after the surgery is quicker than those who receive the open single-incision cholecystectomy.
  • Patients that have had a robotic gallbladder surgery can resume their routine activities in a week’s time.
  • Patients that have had surgery can remove their bandages; they can bathe and get back to their regular diet after a short time.
  • Patients that have experienced the robotic gallbladder surgery have attested the operation leaves them almost scarless.
  • The robotic gallbladder surgery results in less blood loss as compared to the single open-cut surgery.

It is clear that the robotic gallbladder surgery is better than the single open incision. It is also essential that a patient finds the best robotic gallbladder surgeon. Dr. Arif Ahmad is a renowned American robotic gallbladder surgeon who is conversant with the robotic gallbladder surgery.

The Name You Should Trust

It is normal for every patient that is about to undergo a gallbladder surgery to feel scared. As a patient, feel confident that the robotic gallbladder surgery is the best option. Not only has the robotic gallbladder surgery been successful even in patients that had tried IV antibiotics with no success, but it has changed the approach of cholecystectomy as a whole. It is great that every person understands all that is involved in robotic gallbladder surgery.  However, there is need to choose the best robotic gallbladder surgeon.

Dr. Arif Ahmad and his medical team provide the best care for the gallbladder patients. He is the best robotic gallbladder surgeon that has mastered all the techniques that are required in the delicate robotic surgery. The priority of Dr. Arif Ahmad is to ensure that as a patient, you receive the maximum comfort during the operation and you quickly get back to normalcy. In his hospital, there is the latest equipment of the robotic gallbladder surgery. You can trust Dr. Arif Ahmad. He ensures that his patients have the peace of mind of a successful gallbladder surgery that has minimal effects. Get a modern robotic gallbladder surgery conducted by Dr. Arif Ahmad.


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