Support Group

Dr. Ahmad’s Weight Loss Surgery Support Groups

  2nd Tuesday
(Open to All)
6:30 PM
Mather Hospital
Conference Rm. 3, 4, 5
3rd Wednesday
(Open to All)
10:00 AM
Mather Hospital
Conference Rm. 3 
4th Tuesday
(Post-Op Only)
6:30 PM
Mather Hospital
Conference Rm. 3, 4, 5
January 1/9/18 1/17/18 *1/23/18
February 2/13/18 2/21/18 *2/27/18
March 3/13/18 (Cancelled) 3/21/18 (Cancelled) *3/27/18
April 4/10/18 4/18/18 *4/24/18
May 5/8/18 5/16/18 *5/22/18
June 6/12/18 6/19/18 *6/26/18
July 7/10/18 7/18/18 *7/24/18
August 8/14/18 8/15/18 *8/28/18
September 9/11/18 9/19/18 *9/25/18
October 10/9/18 10/17/18 *10/23/18
November 11/13/18 11/21/18 *11/27/18
December 12/11/18 12/19/18 Cancelled

*New Beginnings (scheduled for patients 1 month post-op) will be held at 5:30 pm before this support group.

Post-op = patients that have already had surgery.

Young Adult Support Group (ages 17-30):

Next Young Adult Support Group
To Be Announced…

We are proud to offer a support group for our young adult patients, specifically aimed at topics that affect that age group. Our group meets up once a month in Dr. Ahmad’s office in Port Jefferson. The group welcomes people between the ages of 17 and 30 who are having or who have had Bariatric surgery with Dr. Ahmad, and it meets monthly to discuss issues related to surgery. These include preparing for surgery, what the hospital experience is like, and lifestyle modification including energy balance. We also address past weight-related experiences, finding support and strengthening relationships, and what to expect after surgery. The group is nearly 4 years old and one of our greatest assets is our post-op patients, who generously and honestly answer questions from pre-ops. We have a vibrant online and text-based community, to which we welcome you! Questions about the group can be sent to