• More than 4500 Bariatric Cases including;
    More than 1550 Sleeves, 1500 Bypass Surgeries,
    600 Robotic-Assisted Bypass Surgeries.
  • Dr. Arif Ahmad Has Been Awarded the
    "Patients' Choice Award" and "Compassionate
    Doctor Award" by Vitals for Five Consecutive
  • Dr. Ahmad rated one of America’s top
    surgeons by the
    Consumer Research Council
  • Renew Yourself Today!
  • Recognized as a "Center of Excellence
    in Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery"
    Awarded by the Surgical Review
    Corporation continuously since 2007
  • The Most Experienced Fellowship-Trained
    Bariatric Surgeon on Long Island
  • Largest number of Sleeves and Bypasses
    in Suffolk County. Largest number of
    Bariatric Surgeries in Long Island in
  • Welcome to one of the top Bariatric
    practices on Long Island
  • Over 10,000 surgical and endoscopic
    procedures performed
  • Impeccable track record with
    over 30 years of experience
  • One of the Top Records for long term
    weight loss with high quality care and
    compassionate staff
  • “Dr. Ahmad routinely utilizes the daVinci
    Surgical System, the most advanced
    surgical platform in the world, to perform
    minimally invasive gastric bypass surgery”
  • Listen to how Richard got his life back
    & how Dr. Ahmad changes lives...
  • Dr. Ahmad was one of the first surgeons in
    Suffolk County to perform the
    gastric bypass laparoscopically
  • On the cutting edge of the newest
    procedures in weight loss surgery.
  • Newsweek acknowledges
    Dr. Ahmad as a leader in
    Bariatric Surgery
  • Ask about the single incision Laparoscopic
    (virtually scarless) option for bypass,
    bands and sleeves
  • Dr. Ahmad has performed over 400
    Robotic Assisted Gastric Bypasses
    utilizing the daVinci Surgical System
  • ORBERA Intragastric Balloon, a non-surgical
    approach at weight loss.

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My Weight Loss Journey


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Surgery Date: March 2014
Weight Lost: 143 lbs.
Procedure: Virtually Scar-less, Minimally Invasive, Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy by Dr. Arif Ahmad.

Monica is the living embodiment of before-and-after.

“My life before the surgery was boring, uneventful and like a prison… After the surgery I have to say I feel blessed, excited and fortunate.  I feel like I was trapped in somebody else’s body. I had this spirit that just wanted to get out and do things and be fun. My weight hindered me from doing that. My kids didn’t really get a true sense of who their mother was because they always knew me as a heavy mom.  Being heavy is not just an aesthetic thing, it’s something that affects your mind and your spirit. I didn’t want to have people perceive me as this fat, overweight, lazy person — because I’m not — but in essence that’s what happens.”


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Surgery date: February 2010
Weight lost: 165 pounds
Procedure: Virtually Scar-less & Minimally Invasive Laparoscopic Gastric Bypass, by Dr. Arif Ahmad.

“My whole life started over for me after surgery, it was a new beginning, a new time to focus on myself, on my goals, on my marriage, on my career and really to just be happy — and that has been the best gift I’ve ever received.  I’m not Kelly who was really fat before. I’m not Kelly who had weight loss surgery. I’m just Kelly. And that is awesome.  When I went into Dr. Ahmad’s office for the first time and met his support staff, they were so wonderful.  Once you become a patient at Dr. Ahmad’s office, you truly become family. Their staff is absolutely amazing. They will give and give and give anything that you could possibly need from them.  I know them by their first name, they know me by my first name. That to me is something that is priceless in this day and age.”


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Surgery date: October 2012
Weight lost: 175 pounds
 Virtually Scar-less & Minimally Invasive, Laparoscopic Gastric Bypass, by Dr. Arif Ahmad

“I just felt terrible, it was getting worse and worse, I was really obese and it affected my sleep at night.  I went to my medical doctor and he actually told me bluntly — he shocked me — you’re going to die soon if you keep this up. You know you’re going to get diabetes. You’re going to get a heart attack.  I developed a personal connection with Dr. Ahmad and the team. — I just felt very comfortable and I couldn’t wait to start the operation. When I had the operation, the hospital treated me like I was a VIP. Now I’m one of the people that goes tells somebody else, ‘hey, you go there, you’re going to be treated right!”

MaryLouise & Lee

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“I’m always moving now, I have a very physical job and I used to try and sit in the office as much as I could. But now I’m out on the sales floor doing a lot more. Some of my coworkers even said, ‘do you ever stop?’ And I don’t stop anymore. I just keep going. I have all the energy that I had when I was younger. — I can’t say enough good things about the surgery and about Dr. Ahmad and his staff”  – MaryLouise

“I heard weight loss surgery would eliminate my diabetes…  We wouldn’t have gone any place else to have that surgery.  It is like have an extended family now — and they’re all there to help us.” — Lee

* Your weight loss results may vary. All surgical procedures present risks.